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3) Have you ever been in Australia?
4) Have you ever lost your passport?
5) Have you ever slept in a park?
6) Have you ever eaten Chinese food?
7) Have you ever been in New York?
8) Have you ever won a lot of money?
9) Have you ever broken your leg?

3) Ann has never been in Australia.
4) Ann has lost her passport once.
5) Ann has never slept in a park.
6) Ann has eaten Chines food few times.
7) Ann has been in New York twice.
8) Ann has never won a lot of money.
9) Ann has broken her leg once.

Про себя, думаю, стоит написать самому.

2) She has travelled to many places.
3) She has done a lot of interesting things.
4) She has written ten books.
5) She has met a lot of interesting people.
6) She has been married five times.

2) gone
3) been/been
4) been
5) gone
6) been
7) been
8) gone