Write sentences in the sausative form as in the example she will ask a decorator to decorate the lounge12 you should ask someone to fix your ear brakes 13 when will your new shower be installed?14 bruce my ask a builder to repair his roof. 15 are you going to ask someone to service your motorbike?16 i've asked the secretary to rewrite the whole report 17 her children are being taught computer science.18 james asked the messenger to send the flowers round to his girlfriend's house 19 can't you ask someone to repair the washing machine?20 you should ask them to install a telephone


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she will have the lounge decorated.
12 you should have
your brakes fixed 
13 When will you have your new shower installed?
14 Bruce had his roof
15 are you going to
have your motorbike serviced?
16  I've had
the whole report rewritten.
17 She has her children taught computer science.
18  James had the flowers sent round to his girlfriend's house
19 can't you have
the washing machine repaired?
20 you should have
a telephone installed.