Пожалуйста, помогите составить предложения на английском:
Что следует делать человеку который первый раз летит на самолете.


Ответы и объяснения

Put all your other stuff (and your nail scissors/leatherman/screwdrivers etc) into your suitcase or holdall or rucksack and that gets "checked" onto the plane when you arrive at the airport.  Sometimes you need to reclaim it on entering an country (we do when travelling from the UK to the US) and then re-check it onto your on-going flight, more often than not it is checked right through to your final destination.

If your flight is long enough to have a film or audio entertainment take your own comfortable headphones, but you will need an adaptor to fit the plane twin-socket.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes which slip on and off.  Remember that you will have to go though a metal detector gate so a jacket which slips off easily is also a good idea - put all our small change, keys and cell phone in your jacket pocket to go through the X-ray machine.  Don't forget to take the pocket knife off your keyring and leave it at home or put it in your big luggage.

Take a good book or three, there can be lots of waiting around.

Oh yes, and HAVE FUN!