Пожалуйста 10 предложений со всемиПожалуйста 10 предложений со всеми формами to be в Present Simple(am,is,are)и Past Simple (was,were)


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I like to listen to music but I am not listening to musci now.
She had been cooking for an hour when I came.
I will have been working at the project for a month when you join me.
She will be writting a test tomorrow at 5.
I will have finished this work by 6 o'clock.
When he came his mother was cooking a dinner.
We had finished the work and went to a cafe.
I worked there three years ago.

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He works at school.
She works at school.
They work at school.
We work at school.

 I worked at school.
He worked at school.
She worked at school.
They worked at school.
We worked at school.