Выберите слова
или сочетания слов для заполнения пропусков так, чтобы они отражали особенности
написания и оформления электронного делового письма:

(52) __________

David Black, Marketing Department

Subject (53) _______________

Dear Sir or

Please allow me (54)
___________myself and my company. My name is David Black and I am (55)
_______________for Lenak Computer Solutions. We (56) _________in Budapest,
Hungary. LCS is the largest company of IT consultant exporters in the region.
We (57) ______ in providing IT solutions for large companies and have offices
across Eastern Europe. I would like (58) ________ a meeting for us to show you
some of our services.

I look (59)
________ to hearing from you.

Yours (60)

David Black


A) IT Department

B) faithfully

C) specialize

D) meeting

E) are based

F) to arrange

G) to introduce

H) forward

I) the area sales representative


Ответы и объяснения

52 - the area sales representative
53 - meeting
54 - to introduce
55 - IT Department
56 - are based
57 - specialized
58 - to arrange
59 - forward
60 - faithfully