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Hi, John! -Hello,Kevin! How are you doing? I haven't seen you for ages! -I'm OK. And you?- Me too! Nice weather, isn't it? -Yes. We're going to have a picnic with Anna and her friend. Would you like to join us?- With pleasure!- so, I'm going to bring some bread and cheese. The girls are bringing vegetables and fruit.- What should I bring? Maybe some beverages?- Great idea! And some sausages would be nice!- What are we going to do there?- I think we can play badminton. By the way, have you  got a racquet? Mine is broken.- I'm not sure. Shall I take a ball instead?- Ok. So, let's meet in an hour on the bus stop at Green Street.-I must run then. See you. I'm sure it'll be a great picnic!