Напишите не большой рассказ на английском языке про любимого животного с переводом


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A story about my favorite animal - cow and gorilla
I love the cow - it is thick , gives us meat, milk, cheese, cottage cheese , sour cream , butter and calves. I love it when a cow goes through the city on boats from the " Dior " and udders swinging and falls out of a cracked bra . I like to sleep on the warm cow's udder . I love stroking and silly moo cow - I giggle when the cow begins to mu - Flour . I love the look in her eyes resnischatye stupid , and the next day there is a pair of brains infused milk ... I love to whisper sweet and tender words in her ear , and drinking milk with her for a walk on the hay or a central avenue - and I love burgers and milk candy " Cow" . Cow shit is a useful fertilizer - wheat, nurtured in the fellow cow shit , give us bread. This bread we eat. Thank you cow.I also love the gorilla . She - sample force and an example to follow . Sometimes you want to hide behind the mighty hairy backs, while huge claws will tear enemies to pieces . Sometimes I do want to be wild gorilla , but not to worry shot - we have a lot of poachers .I like gorili little angry eyes and mouth oscherenny - with such a person can not only take Berlin , but also perform many other useful things - for example, working policeman .I love it when a cow gives gorilla banana, milk drinks and the two then long dancing cha-cha-cha under Ukrainian gray moon ...
My favorite animal is a cat. Since my childhood I wanted to have a cat. And, finally, my dream has come true - I got the Siamese cat Kuzya. The Kuzya light brown muzzle, dark ears, paws and long striped tail; flexible elongated body, big round head, on the muzzle щетинистые mustache, beard and bright blue eyes. Eye color changes when he is angry or threatening, the pupils become red, then green. The ears of a cat always on the alert; they catch the slightest rustle.
Kuzma - animal naughty. If he is in good mood, he plays allows a pet, allows other animal is out of his bowl, but if a bad mood, he warns about this kind meow, then it's better not to touch. Kuzma serious, бойцовый cat. When we were in the village, he fought with all cats. The first fight he doesn't enter. At the beginning it as it warns: howls wicked voice. Almost one hundred and eighty degrees rotates the neck; the coat he stands up on end, and the tail “transformed” into dissolute щетинистую brush. Pity for one's opponent. He fought until the opponent does not turn into a rout. Kuzma is a very smart cat. He learned legs open refrigerator door cabinets. If the front door is not closed to the castle, he will be hanging on the knob until the door is opened. Kuzma love to watch television, hunting lizards, frogs, birds. And yet he is very kind cat and loves his masters. I really like our cat.