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  • mumi
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A foreign language is a language indigenous to another country. it is also a language not spoken in the native country og the person referred to.nowadays it's especially important to know different languages. some people learn languages because they need them for their work,other travel abroad.for the third studying languages is a hobby. anyway there is nothing in our lives that is not touched by language. another good thing about this is that it can help in every situation. it's not a secret that many intellectuals and well-educatedpeople are polyglots. languages are used in games,in songs,in books,in electronics and so on. therefore it affects all things which we use every day.
i'm studying english, and for me it's a great pleasure, because it's really a very interesting language. nowadays it has become the world's most important language in politics,science,trade and cultural relations. to draw the conclusion, i can say that it's up to everybody to decide it's important to know languages and to use them daily or not.