Ребят, кто знает хорошо английский, переведите малюсенький текст,
заранее очень благодарна, и да о онлайн переводчиках я знаю (увы они
переводят с ошибками).


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Should teenagers help their parents to clean the house?
I think they should. While cleaning the house they will be ingaged in business and won't play computer games. When they are cleaning the room they facilitate the parents' work and then will probably get a reward for their work.
How can they help? everything is simple, for example: vacuum the rooms, wash dishes, take out the trash, dust off furniture. after the cleaning you will hear lots of positive words and gratitudes.
Helping parents in cleaning the house will bring a lot of benefits for a teenager and his parents.
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Should teenagers help their parents with the housework? 
In my opinion, they should, it is cleaning up that will keep them busy - not playing on the laptop. While cleaning up their room, they will definitely make it easier for their parents to do the cleaning up. Then, they will be awarded for it in a way.
How can teenagers help? It isn't as difficult as it sounds. (It is simple). For instance, they can do a vacuum-cleaning, a washing up, taking the rubbish out, or dusting. Teenagers, you will get many thanks after the cleaning up.
While helping parents with the housework, a teenager is really helpful, and is sure to be praised and thanked!  
(in a way - в некоторой степени, как-то)