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“Have you ever been to Europe?” he inquired.

“How long are you planning to stay in Britain?” he asked her.

“How much money have you brought for your stay?” he asked.

“Who paid the bill?” she asked me.

“Have you heard the news on the radio?” she inquired.

“Which countries will John be visiting?” she asked him.

“Where does John’s sister work?” she asked him.

“Will you be coming to the concert or not?” she wanted to know.

“Why are those old men singing?” he asked her.

“What made her smile?” he requested.

“What was she holding in her left hand?” he asked.

“What’s your husband interested in?” she asked her.

“Do you like the boy that is talking to Julia ?” he asked.

“Has Bill shown the kitchen plans to you yet?” she asked him.

“What are you doing these days?” he asked me.

“How long have you both been living here?” he asked.

“Who left the bag here?” he asked him.

“What will you be doing this time tomorrow?” he asked her.

“When will we know the exam results,” she asked the teacher.

“Where do you get your daily paper?” he asked.

“What makes a noise like that?” he wondered.

“Did you have a long argument on this point?” he asked.

“Which newspaper carried the article?” she asks.

“Did the boys look smart in their school uniforms?” she asked him.

“You don’t like Chinese food, do you?” he asked.


Ответы и объяснения

Думаю,что можно сказать так:
he has asked her how long she is planning to stay in Britain
и следующие по этой же схеме