the right verb. Circle it.

1. Where is Ann? — She is in
the kitchen. She ... pizza for her friends, a) makes b) is making c) make

My brother usually ... tennis in the afternoon, a) plays b) is playing c) play

3. Look! The children ... Halloween costumes. They are
funny, aren't they? a) wears b) are wearing c) wear

4. In the evening my grandfather ... newspapers and
magazines, a) reads b) is reading c) read

5. During the trips they always ... souvenirs for
their friends, a) buys b) are buying c) buy

6. Be quiet! My little sister .... a)
sleeps b) is sleeping c) sleep

[Match the parts of the sentences.


1. She's
making lemon tea

2. The
children are decorating the room N

3. He's
taking photos of his classmates

4. I'm doing my English homework

5. They're dressing up in funny

6. We're arranging a school party

a) because
he is going to create a school album.

b) because we are responsible for the social

c) because
there will be a test tomorrow.

d) because
her daughter has a sore throat. ; -e) because it's a holiday
f) because
they are going to have a party tonight.


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1.    b) is making  
2. a) plays 
3.   b) are wearing 
4.  a) reads  
5.   c) buy
6.    b) is sleeping   

1. d) 2. f)  3. a) 4. c) 5. e) 6. b)