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Today more and more people in Britain want good food they can trust. As a result, the demand for organic food is growing. Organic food is produced without harmful synthetic chemicals and using natural, non-invasive farming methods which are equally good for plants and animals. More than a quarter of households already buy some organic food. Organic plain yoghurt is now a brand leader, organic milk disappears as fast as it is put on the shelves, while organic bread, carrots and potatoes are becoming the food of choice. There`s no doubt, too, that, if the price is right, most people would prefer to buy organic. The British Organic Food Association will start a campaign `We Prefer Organic` in Oxford. More than 600 product entries, collectively representing the creme de la creme of the new food revolution which is sweeping the country will be tested. The week of testing will culminate at Raymond restaurant near Oxford, where the final judging takes place. The judgement will be made by a panel of chefs and food experts to sample some of the best organic food in Britain.


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Is organic food gaining in popularity in Britain? How is organic food produced? Which types of organic food are produced? How many products wil be tested during the `We Prefer Organic` campaign?` Where the final judging take place? Who will make the final judgment?