Написать рассказ на английском языке...что должны идеальные родители и какие они должны быть


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What would be the perfect parent?

Maybe those who do not know how you are getting when you walk in the evening for a walk. Or maybe they do not wait, and you can walk freely through the night. Or that in half an hour asking where you are, what's wrong? Well, what a parent to your ideal?

What do children need most of all, it's love, and no price is too high to pay for it. Eda LeShan

This is the perfect parents. They should be loving, and walk a little longer - it's our little whim.After all, if you are so going to walk unattended, the time comes and you realize that it's not perfect parents, and unloving parents.

If your parents treat you a little bit not as much as you want, you can work in? You see what's what in itself, put yourself in their shoes, understand, love, and they will respond in kind.

Many of us constantly quarrels with parents, "You do not know Me, you do not know what I want.Give me liberty, "know the phrase? Have you ever wondered what they are doing it because they love and take care of you? And believe me, they have experience in life is much more than you do.

Personally, my parents are loving, caring, kind, good, caring and understanding. I would not call it ideal because they are not allowed to walk until the morning (and I thank them for it). I do not need perfect I need their care and love, and that I have!

Of course, each of us the concept of "ideal parents" may be different, but essentially, I think it does not change))