Ребят, помогите, пожалуйста, написать небольшое сочинение на тему "What makes a family happy." В голову вообще ничего не идет.


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Challenges today’s families face
From the outset, he was realistic. “All parents are in the process of finding their way,” he says in an interview about his research process. “We are in a time of incredible flux for families. The old rules no longer apply, but the new rules haven’t been written.” To wit, more women are in the workforce than ever; more men are staying at home to rear children. Jobs are demanding more of our time, but fewer of them follow a hierarchical structure.

Feiler also argues that certain elements of the self-help literature and psychological studies of the last 50 years seem out of date when modern-day challenges are considered. And, he says, “At the same time, in every other area of contemporary life, there are all these new ideas — how to make teams and groups work effectively. In fact, the whole idea [for my book] was: Let me go out, find out what those people are doing, and then test some of those ideas out on my own wife and kids.” НА ПОДОБИИ ТАКОГО