10-12 предложений об арктических островов плз!!!

Write 10-12 sentences about the Arctic Islands.


Ответы и объяснения


I would like to experience the climate of the Arctic Islands because it is rather severe and I can easily test my fortitude. It is very amazing to experience the polar day and the polar night. I would like to watch the sun beautifully shining onto the fjords, covered with fog or ice-covered mountains reflected in the lake. I would like to see Spitsbergen with its Bird Cliffs of 100m high and running for several kilometers. Here I will be able to experience the awesome beauty of the Arctic and see its fauna. I would like to watch the local fauna: whales, guillemots, seals, polar bears, walrus, reindeer and arctic foxes.

I think that the Arctic Islands are the unique place on the Earth where you can feel the real frost. I would like to travel to the Arctic Islands just for a few days. I think I will have a merry time and I will get acquainted with the nature of the islands.