Составить небольшой рассказ про учительницу английского языка


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My English teacher is very good. She is kind, sweet, smart and beautiful. From her I learned a lot of new things. Thanks to her, I know English. She's like a second mother.


My English teacher’s name is Elena Anatolyevna. She is a very nice, clever and interesting. person. Elena Anatolyevna tells us about England and about English people. We study how to write and read in English. Once we even had an American teacher. He is called Marty and he gave us some English classes and ran Halloween party. It was fun! In summer we had an English camp in Anapa and I travelled there with Elena Anatolyevna and my friends. It was a fantastic time! I’ve learned a lot and I enjoyed the time very much. Elena Anatolyevna told me that I would go England when I grow up. I like my teacher a lot and thanks to her I love English and always wait impatiently for my next lesson. I would like to say her many thanks for her work. When I grow up, I want to be like Elena Anatolyevna!