It al started as a great Halloween party in the house of her old friend Jenny who lived in scotland. One day Jenny thought that it would be a great idea to organize a real Halloween party and invite all her classmates. Betty was Jenny's best friend, but at first she wasn't sure about this party. Betty didn't want to see Derek, her ex-boyfriend who had been the soul of their gang at school. So Jenny promised not to invite him and Betty agreed to come.

the party was lovely. A lot of people came from different parts of the world. It was interesting to find out that Simon had moved to France and Gregory and Kate had gor married and left England for Italy. Betty was having a great time when she looked out of the window and was Derek. He was getting out at all and looked as handsome as he had done at school. Betty had no time to fall out with Jenny-she tiptoed out of the living room and ran to her car.

An hour later she still was driving through some rather wild countryside. She was so angry that she had forgotten to take her map, and she didn't know whare she was. It was getting dark, it was raining and a cold wind was blowing. Betty's car was runnig out of pertol. Her best friend had let her down. Betty was scared and tired. She undarstood that she had been lost. Suddenly she saw a light in the darkness and in a minute Betty stopped in front of a little hotel. Next to the hotel there was a very old graveyard with a small church. "This is exactly what one needs on Halloween night. I'm sure the of vampires for the last eight hundred years," Betty thought to herseif as she was looking around. At that moment the door opened and a tall old man came into the light. "The night is cold and wet," he said to Betty and smiled. "Do come in".

As Betty walked in, she was greeted with a warm smile by the hostess. The woman had understood immediately. "What would you like to eat?" she asked. "We've got a fish pie or lamb chops for dinner." Betty didn't mind and in a minute the old man was laying the table and his wife was warming up some food. "Don't worry, darling," the old woman said. "You wont have to eat your dinner alone. Our granndson Derek will be back any minute. He is spending this week with us. This afternoon his classmate Peter phoned and told him about some party which was just round the corner. Our Derek went just to say hello to his old friends, but he won't be long. He is such a lovely young man, our Derek. I'm sure you will like him."


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