Complete the sentences with much / many / a little / a few

Mrs Wilson:I'm going to make Yorkshire puddings.Will you help me?

Alice:Yes,of course.I like this pudding.What do we need for it?

Mrs Wilson:Just some oil,flour,eggs and milk.

Alice How ... flour do we need?

Mrs Wilson:A cup of flour.Get some eggs and milk from the fridge.

Allice:Oh!How ... eggs shall Iget out?There's ... milk and ... eggs in the fridge.

Mrs Wilson:We need 3 eggs and a cup of milk for the pudding.

Alice:Here you are.Anything else?Sugar?Salt?

Mrs Wilson:Some salt,please.There isn't any sugar in Yorkshire pudding.

Alice:How ... salt shall I get?

Mrs Wilson:Just ... .Hm.The batter is ready.Now let's cook them.

Помогите мне срочно нужно(

Ответы и объяснения

1) how much
2) how many
3) a little
4) a little
5) how much
6) a few Mrs