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1.How long he( live) in Manchester?-All his life. He was born there.
2.Mr. Woods (not/ feel )well for over a month.
3.They (be) in London now. They live there for the last six months.
4.I (learn) Spanish since Last year.
5.How many driving lessons you( have) lately?
6.They (repair) the road all this week, but they (not/ finish) in yet.
7.Where you (be)? I (wait) for you for over an hour.
8.I (type) this report since yesterday and I`m only half way through.
9.Your mum is still in the kitchen. She (cook) all morning.-Yes. We (expect) guests tonight.
10.You are out of breath. You (run)?
11.It(rain)since yesterday evening. I wonder when it`ll stop/
12.I (die) of thirst. Is there a water-fountain near here?
13.My daughter (study) English at London University. She (be) there for two years already.
14.Don`t rush me. I (work) as fast as I can.
15.I (read) some of his poetry. It`s not bad.
16.Sorry about the mess. I (redecorate) the kitchen. I already (paint) the windows.
17.You won`t believe it, but I (wait) two months for my phone to be repaired.
18.Oh, look, the sky (get) darker and darker. I think it`s going to rain.
19.You look tired.-Yes, I (work) non-stop all day.
20.Since when he (learn) Chinese?- Since he got to university.
21.We (build) this garage ourselves and hope to finish it within the next two months/
22.We (not/finish) cleaning the machines yet. We need some more time to do it.


Ответы и объяснения

  • Nina108
  • почетный грамотей
1. has he lived
2. hasn't felt
3. are
4. have been learning
5. have had
6. were repairing  ..... haven't finished
7. Where were you? I was waiting ...
8. I have been typing ..
9. She has been cooking ......are expecting
10. were you running?
11. It has been raining
12. I'm dying of thirst..
13. is studying  ..... has been
14. I'm working
15. I have read
16. I'm redecorating...... have painted
17. have been waiting
18. is getting
19. have worked
20.has been learning
21. have been building
22. haven't finished