Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple.
1) Money not always (Bring) happiness

2) His advice usually (help), but this time I don't think I should follow it.

3) The staff (like) to go on holiday all together, so we just close the cafe for a week.

4) The government (be) elected every four years.

5) The food cooked in this restaurant usually (give) me a stomachache.

6) Good education (open) all doors.

7) Her luggage (weigh) 30 kilos. That's too much.

8) Congratulations always (make) me blush.


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1)Bring- Brought Brought
2)Help - Helpt Helpt
3)Like- Like Liked
4)Be was/were been
5)Give Gave Given
6)Open Open Open
7)Weight Wought Wought
8)Make Made Made
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