Помогите составить три мини текстика (4-5 предложений) про трех американских певцов


Ответы и объяснения

Elvis Presley.
American singer and actor, one of the most commercially successful singers of popular music of the XX century. His fame is so wide that many people call him only by name - Elvis. With Elvis Presley also associated sustainable phrase "King of Rock and Roll" (in America often simply "The King" - Eng. The King). Occupies the third place among the greatest artists of all time and the greatest vocalists in the magazine Rolling Stone.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston; - American pop, soul and rhythm and blues singer, actress, producer, fashion model. One of the most successful singers in the history of world music. Known for its musical achievements, vocal abilities and scandalous personal life.

Superstar status entrenched in Houston after the 1992 world wide screens the film "Bodyguard", in which she played a major role (along with Kevin Costner) and performed basic musical party. Ballad «I Will Always Love You»

American artist, actor, author and singer-songwriter, dancer, composer, choreographer, philanthropist, entrepreneur. Their most successful artist in the history of pop music, winner of 15 Grammy Awards and hundreds of other prizes. 25 times listed in the Guinness Book of Records, has sold about a billion copies of albums Jackson. In 2009, officially recognized as a legend and an icon of American Music. Also known svoeyznamenitoy "moonwalk"