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up",said Mum,"or we'll be late for school. " We all rushed
downstairs,picked up our bags and went outside. Mum closed the door.
"No,wait! said Kate. " I forgot my homework . Mrs James will go mad
if I don't have it with this time! " So we all went back. "Be
quick,Kate," cried Mum, " or will be very late for school , and Mrs
James really will be cross with you" Kate found her homework and rushed
downstairs . We all picked up our bags and went outside. Mum closed the door
and turned the key in the lock . We all headed for the car. " No,wait!
" said Charlie. " I forgot my sport kit and it's football today.
" So we all went back inside. "hurry up,Charlie! " cried Mum.
" We'll be late for shool! " Charlie got his sport kit and rushed
downstairs. We all picked up our bag bags and went outside. Mum closed the door
and turned the key in the lock . She unlocked the car and we all tried to get
in front seat. We could tell by the look on Mum's face that this was not a good
idea, so we got in the back and put on our seatbelts. "I don't believed it
! " cried Mum . I forgot my bag Well never get to school today . She took
off her seatbelts and went back in the house. Mum found her bag and rushed out
of the front door . She locked the door , got back into the car ' put on her
seatbelts and started the car up. "Can we have the radio on,please'Mum?
" said Kate. "OK," said Mum. "But let's get going or we'll
never get to scholl today. " And the man on the radio said, "Good
morning! Now for the latest news on this lovely Saturday morning... "
"Saturday? I don't believe it! " said Mum. "Whoopee! "
cried the kids.


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Be. rushed.picked up.went.closed. wait. said. forgot. will go. don't have.went back.cried.found. turned.headed . got. unlocked. tried. could tell.put on.don't believed. took off. got back. started.have.get going .