Напишите, пожалуйста, правила этикета за столом. На английском


Ответы и объяснения

All we know without unnecessary reminder that ethical behavior at the table is a must. After owning this knowledge, we feel much more comfortable and confident at any table . Prepare this material inspired me one girl friend , who refused to accept invitations to restaurants and cafes just because they do not know how to properly handle a knife and fork . It now this problem has been solved, but surely certain moments in the etiquette of food can make us doubt. To such doubts as little as possible , let us begin our discussion by considering the elementary rules of behavior at the table.

First, how to sit ? Not too far from the edge of the table, but not too close , and of course, do not put your elbows on the table. There is a small exception for women when it may briefly lean one elbow on the table , but only in case of emergency, for example, if the arm is tired . On the chair should sit up straight and do not bend over the plate . Here no exceptions exist.