Напишите поже типа рассказа
как мы проводим новый год
на английском


Ответы и объяснения

New year - my favorite holiday. I always cover the eve strange feeling that something should happen joyful and magical. Throughout the festive atmosphere , everyone is getting ready for the holiday - choose beautiful Christmas tree , buy different fruits , sweets, prepare gifts for loved ones. Since childhood, the New Year - it's like a fairy tale for me.

We begin to prepare for the celebration in advance. Clean the house , decorate the Christmas tree , decorate the room with balls, garlands, beautiful toys , holiday lights , candles. I love Christmas and Christmas wreaths with branches of pine needles, bright ribbons and figures of angels. Previously, I 've only seen this in foreign films , and now the fashion has also reached us.

Mom always prepares for the festive table something unusual nebudnichnoe . I try not to wake the time of arrival of the new year under the chiming clock . After the final blow on the street begins fireworks that can last an hour ! Every year we come to visit relatives and friends . We have fun , different contests , dance, sing . It is always very interesting, but I usually fall asleep early . In the morning, immediately ran to the tree to see what I was given .

Especially good when New Year's Eve worth frosty snowy weather . The windows of all the houses flashing colored lights . Celebrating and having fun . Apparently, due to the fact that the New Year - a general holiday , celebrate it so exciting !