Задать вопрос в паст симпл.

1)My mother bought me a nice gray suit last week.

2)We paid money for the house three days ago.

3)They brought very beautiful roses home yeasterday.

4)I changed shoes for the bigger size the other day...

5)Susan tried on a new blue dress yesterday evening.

6)My friend invited me to the birthday party last monday.

7)She swept the floor two hours ago.

8)I washed the sink in the kitchen yesterday evening.

Заранее спасибо

всмысле? какой вопрос? пере фразировать?
да.Написать Did и так далее.

Ответы и объяснения

1) When did your mother buy you a nuce grat suit?
2) How many days ago/ When did you pay for the house?
3)When did they bring these beautiful roses home?
4) When did you change shoes for the bigger size?
5) When did Susan try on a new blue dress?
6) When did your friend invite you to the birthday party?
7) When did she swipe the floor?
8) When did you wash the sink in the kitchen?