3 Answer the questions.
1. How can you burn calories?
2. What physical activity do you do every day?
3. Give examples of a balanced diet. What should a person eat?
4. Is there much convenience food in the shops in your city / town / village? Do you like it? Do you think it tastes good?
5. Are there any fast food restaurants in your city / town / village? Are they popular? Do you like the food there?


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  • mumi
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1) i can do different exercises or to run to burn calories. it's not so difficult
2)every day i do some warm-up exercises, then i run and then some relaxing exercises
3)a person should eat just useful,natural products. a lot of vegitables and fruits. and 5 times a day, but noy very much. and also to drink a lot.
4)yes,there are a lot of convenience food in the shops in my city. sometimes very rarely i can by it and it tastes not bad. but i know that it's not very good for me,for my health.
5)yes,there are some fast food restaurants in my city and they are very popular. it smells very tasty but i cannot eat this, i don't know why.I weaned myself because it brings just harm