Какие утверждения правильные?
6 Mark these sentences true or false.
1. The British Parliament sits in two buildings.
2. Members of the House of Commons never make important decisions.
3. There is a general election when the Queen decides.
4. If there was a general election in 2004, the next general election shoul< be in 2009 or earlier.
5. Life peers get into the House of Lords because their parents were rich
6. Every member of the House of Lords and the House of Commons is called an MP.
7. If the House of Commons wants to do something, the House of Lords can't stop them.
8. If the Queen disagrees with a bill, she still (все-таки) has to approve it.
9. Most members of the House of Lords are very clever and competent.
10. Members of Parliament represent everyone in the country.
11. Members of the House of Lords form the British government.
12. The Queen chooses the Prime Minister.
13. The United Kingdom is a monarchy.


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