A) Match and fill in the numbers.
b) Act out the dialogue.

1.Excuse. You can take the number 3 bus.

2.Where is the bus stop here? No, it isn*t.

3.What bus should I take to Yes?
get to the Nature Museum?

4.Where should I get off? You are welcome.

5.Is it far from the bus stop? Cross the street and turn right.The bus stop is
in front of that big building.

6.Thank you. Well, get off at Green Street and go straight ahead.
Поставте диалоги в правильном порядке: например учительниця сказала делать так:
1.Excuse me. 1.Yes?


Ответы и объяснения

1.you are welcome
2.cross the street....
3.you can take the......
4.well, get off....
5.no, it isnt