Open the brackets.
1.father (to come) home from work at 6 o'clock.2.Look! Kate (to come) here.3.what he (to do)?-he (to write) an article.4.I (to like) this articel very much 5.we (to go) home now 6.she (to translate) an article from engilish into azerbaijan 7.they (to listen) to their teacher now 8.I often (to take) my brother to the cinema on Sundays 9.I (to read) a letter from my friend now.


Ответы и объяснения

1. comes
2. is coming
3. is he doing/is writing
4. like
5. are going
6. translates
7. are listening
8. take
9. am reading
10-11 это класс? пхах, это же такая ерунда с:
спосиба. нет 8 класс
спосиба.нет 8 класс.
лал, я тоже в восьмом, но это мы проходили в классе 4, наверное