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In the public mind is firmly rooted idea of ​​ecology asenvironmental pollution . In fact, it is not so .Ecology is a science and it , like all other sciences , can not be bador a good , such as, for example, may not be poor or impaired mathematicsor geometry . But very often heard : " bad environment here " or " thereEcology broken . " Ecology as a science studies the relationship alivenature, and that's just they who violated human increasingly . thisextinction of species , each of which performs a specific role in nature ,this change in the population of other species due to hunting , pollution,habitat destruction , etc. Experience already tells us that solving smallproblems with a position of strength , we have much bigger problems .   When in the 1960s . mankind began to realize the seriousness of getting upbefore him environmental problems , the question arises : how much time weleft? How many years will it be before we are faced with the tragicconsequences of our neglect of the environment?The answer was : 30-35 years . Now, as we approach the end of the designatedthirty years , this forecast obsessively pursues humanity .The forecast was far from the truth , as there warming, holes in theprotective ozone layer over the poles , the ubiquitous presence of toxicchemicals , food contamination and pesticide residuesa huge number of species extinction as forest retreat of the growingpopulation of the planet.   All this is very sad. Gratifying thing is that these problemshave explored and developed ( in theory at least , or atpilot plants ) technology to resolve them , and hence ,ensure the sustainable development of society. You just need to seriously addressbusiness.   In this paper, we consider some factors and environmentally hazardousthey cause environmental disasters and their consequences for theenvironment and humans.