Помогите пожалуйста)
1.Найдите 10
ошибок в тексте, исправьте их. В бланк ответа внесите оба слова: ошибочное и
исправленное. Например: much-many. 10 штук.

Mum’s in the

Mum is so good cook. She creates miracles with the
most basic ingredients. Every day she cook a meal for her family and tries to
make the meals interest and tasty. She is a big family and each family member
has their likes and dislikes. She have five daughters and three son. The
daughters watches their mum cook, in order to teach
a few tricks, but they still can’t cook as well as their mother can’t. The sons
just accept this and enjoy the eat.


Ответы и объяснения

So good cook- cooks very well
cook a meal- cooks a meal
interest and tasty- interesting and tasty
she is a big family- she has a big family
she have five daughters- she has five daughters
three son- three sons
as their mother can't- as their mother can
это не все, но основное, если еще найду напишу