На английском распорядок дня для мальчика. Встаёт 7 утра рядом школа есть кошка. Саставте пожалуйста ему распорядок дня в школу и из школы спать он ложится 22 часа ему 11лет.


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Boy's name is Bob. He get up at 7 o'clock and he has breach fast about 15 minutes,than in 7:20 he goes to brush teeth,at 7:30 he wears uniform and goes school. In school he studies from 8:30 till 14:0,then he goes swimming at 15;00,at 16:30 he come home and he does homework about 2 hours,after that he goes to judo at 19:00 and he has training about 1 hour. He comes home again at 20:20. In evening he watches TV,plays with sister,talks with Parents. At 22:00 he goes bad.
Every day he has day like this:-)
Wake up
having breakfast
go to school
have a training
doing homework
watching tv
go to bed