Помогите написать сочинение в стиле C2 по ЕГЭ английскому.
Вот тема: roles as men and women start when we are born and there will always be male and female jobs in any society.


Ответы и объяснения

     Today we talk a lot about gender equity and female empowerment but, when it comes to assign responsibility or showing trust for official work people still prefer male professionals.Professional life is  easy for the females.
     There are lots of hurdles and one of the biggest problems is that female professionals do not help to their female colleagues and bosses.The Post World-War II period was quite hostile towards female  and there were few females working at a higher position.Thanks to education and the changing mindset of the people now the situation is better .
         Earlier females had to fight for everything.The condition was more difficult. Now there are few jobs that are considered not suitable for females.Now females are well-educated and can manage difficult tasks with full confidence and tactfully.
         Female professionals are more under pressure and they put an extra effort to perform well.It is really diddicult to answer if one gender is better than the other. There are several factors that can affect a person’s performance. Though for some work female  are better,  as for some other jobs male are more competent. One of the positive traits of female bosses is that they are more supportive. Females can to read the mind and the emotions of others, this also helps them in managing people effectively.
             The debate about male versus female is never ending, remember it is an individual who performs with his/her ability not just a male or female