Напишите всё по английски в прошедшом времени. (Past Simple)
Read what Barbara Grey says about a typical working day.
i usually get up at 7 O'CLOCK I WALK TO SCHOOL .I HOVE 5 OR 6 LESSONS A day .I teach 10-year-old pupils in the lesson we speak english ask and answer questions, read and transiate, play games and take tests .I give only good marks my students don't speak russial in the lessons when i get home im always tired so i have a rest
idont go for a walk in the evening i watch tv and igo to bed at about 11 oclock
i always sleep well


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 I usually got up at .... I walked to ...I had 5 or 6 lessons ... I taught 10 years.... We spoke  English asked and answered questions read and translated played games and took tests I gave only....I My students didn" t speak ....When i got home I was always tired so I had a rest . I didn"t go for a.... I watched TV and  I went to ...  alwaya slept well