Напишите существительные, выделенные жирным шрифтом, во множест­венном числе, сделав, где необходимо, соответствующие изменения в пред­ложении: 1. Put the BOX on the SHELF. 2. I have hurt my FOOT. 3. This is an English DICTIONARY. 4. Where is the KNIFE? 5. This factory has a good LABORATORY. 6. The last LEAF fell from the TREE. 7. This STORY is very long. 8. The SPEECH was very interesting. 9. He left the KEY on the TABLE. 10. Where is the BRUSH? 11. I like his new PLAY. 12. The ROOF of the HOUSE was covered with SNOW. 13. The WIFE of the SAILOR came to the SHORE. 14. A COPY of the CONTRACT was sent to LENINGRAD. 15. The MOUSE was caught


Ответы и объяснения

Put the boxes on the shelves
I have hurt my feet
These are the English dictionaries
Where are the knifes?
This factory had the good laboratories
The last leaves fell from the trees
These stories are very long
The speeches were very interesting
He left the keys on the tables
Where are the brushes?
I like his new plays
The roofs of the houses were covered with snow
The wifes of the sailors came to the shores
The copies of the contracts were sent to leningrad
The mouse were caught
Boxes, shelves, feet, dictionarys, knives, laboratorys,leaves, trees, storys, speeches, keys, tables, brushes, plays, rooves, houses, snows, wifes, copys, contracts,leningrad, mice.