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 We are all people. What does it mean? From the biological point of view, we belong to the Group of mammals called Homo sapiens. However, apart from the biological properties, we have many others-those that set us apart from the animals. And the most important among these "human" traits is our "sociality", the need for a variety of relationships with other people. In other words, once it is proved that a person can exist and develop only among their own kind, but actively interacting with them.     It turns out that we need each other tremendously. Indeed, we all need love, support, emotional warmth. This can give relatives and close people. That is why we need parents, friends, favorite people. In addition, we all need the social realization, in his mind, strength, success. That's why we need colleagues, associates, even competitors and rivals.     But, think-we need doctors, saving lives on a daily basis, and teachers giving us education, and vendors whose products we buy every day, and those who produce these products.     And such invisible but very strong threads of various ties entangle one not only residents of the city or the country. If you think about it pročnejšimi links all people on the planet!     Honestly, this discovery is staggering! And unwittingly wonder over fidelity "beaten" expression that all people are brothers. And it is a question not only of social necessity in each other: who will feed, clothe, educate, and more.     People need each other, especially in the psychological, moral, and spiritual terms. We need to communicate, the feeling that you are not alone, that someone is let a stranger, can lend you a helping hand in time of need. Moreover, if you think about it, all our achievements have meaning only in human society. Why make something evolve, if you're the one? I think the person in a social vacuum, there will be no such need-he simply ceases to feel human.     The same conclusion can be drawn from the fact that "all need each other? In my opinion, he is unequivocal-feel the need in other every second, to realize other people as the greatest value. This means you need to appreciate and care for others, try to be attentive and responsive. Realize that there is someone else's troubles, any pain anyway, necessarily concerns each and every one of us. And if you release a little bit of time and extend a helping hand to the needy, and themselves, it is my considered opinion that never have to run without human assistance and support is the most important thing that supports us in this world.