Помогите с описанием животного на английском и желательно с переводом на русский.

пардон, а какого животного,если не секрет7
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да про любого хоть про зайца его надо описать на английском чтобы мои одноклассники угадывали про кого я рассказываю.

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Панда пойдет??

Panda cute animal ! Body length of 51-64 cm, 28-48 cm tail Males weigh about 3,7-6,2 kg , females - 4,2-6,0 kg. Elongated torso , fluffy tail , broad head , short muzzle and sharp small rounded ears. Has 38 teeth. Legs short , strong, with poluvtyazhnymi claws that help the panda easily climb trees and descend with them.Top coat small red panda or nut , bottom dark, reddish- brown or black . At the hair on the back of the yellow tips . Paws glossiness black, red tail , with inconspicuous lighter narrow rings , head light , and the edges of the ears and muzzle are almost white , and about eye pattern as a mask , like raccoons , and this pattern is unique to each individual. This is a wonderful camouflage for animals spending most of their time in the trees covered with moss and lichen.