Напишите мини-сочинение на английском(можно на русском) языке по теме:"Если бы я был презедентом, я бы..."

Заранее большое спасибо)


Ответы и объяснения

Our President is head of state . But I do not always like his conversion. If I were President , I would have spent the transformation in all public areas.In politics : technology introduced to SMS voting . I know that the elections for various reasons do not come all . But almost all have cell phones and are able to send SMS messages. So on election day at any time and from any location , regardless of the weather conditions is easy to send an SMS message and vote for the candidate that will affect our future. We are all patriots of their country and our future , in our hands.On the economic front : try to solve the unemployment problem . Would create new jobs. Since unemployment is now very dangerous economic phenomenon . On the example of our village can say that many men leave the village to find work in the city, and as a result , cases of divorce and , of course, increased the number of abandoned children. The number of offenses.In the social and cultural spheres : the organization would deal with free concerts , cultural programs , in which people would " wisely " can spend their leisure time . Opened for children to playgrounds, sports facilities , where they would be able to develop physically and mentally .