2 Put a/an or the in each space or leave the space blank.
We had (0) a great holiday in (1) _____ London. We arrived at (2) _____ airport late on Sunday evening, and we decided to take (3) _____ taxi, even though it was very expensive. (4) _____ taxi took us to our hotel, which was very nice, although
(5) _____ rooms were quite small. On (6) _____ next day we woke up early and had (7) _____ enormous breakfast. I don’t know how (8) _____ people can eat so much in (9) _____ morning! But it was good for us because eating out in (10) _____ London is expensive, and with such (11) _____ big breakfast we didn’t need to have (l2) _____ lunch. After breakfast we went to (13) _____ art gallery. I can’t remember (14) _____ name, but it was full of (15) _____ famous paintings and I really enjoyed it.


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