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1. Everyday millions of people visit video-hosting sites such as YouTube.

• Why have these sites become so popular? Do you or someone you know what these clips? What kind of clips do you watch and why?

• What makes such sites different than television?

How do these clips influence society? Give examples.

2. Throughout most of the 20th century, music and art were considered equally important
as math and science. Some people are concerned that schools are placing less and less
emphasis on studying art and music.

• Do you think that students should be required to learn music and art in school? Why?

• How do you think our society will change if we stop learning about music and art?

• Who is your favorite composer or artist? Did you learn about them at school or an­
other way?


Ответы и объяснения

>Because of their availability. Yes, I know and my friends, as well. I prerer watching some music videos because I enjoy watching the people dance with these visual effects and some plot containing a little story
>There is no timetable. You can't just choose what you want to see while using the tv set. These sites can give you any video you like.
>Society becomes more informative. On YouTube there are some information channels like Discovery. Moreover, YouTube team always makes some online streams of great concerts(ie Bring Me The Horizon) or other programmes like the descend of this guy from outer space. It keeps people being up-to-date.
>Yea, I think so. These art sciences help children and adolescents express theirselves. Moreover, they can get the job easier because they become creative, they can sing beautifully or draw like Picasso.
>We will be just empty, non-souled, tiny boxes of meat and blood with a sing of brain.
>My favourite artist is Roy Lichtenstein. I learnt about him myself because I adore pop-art