Являетесь ли вы поклонником какой-то музыкальной группы или певца/музыканта? Что делает их особенными для вас?
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One of the most interesting singers - Jared Leto. Founder of the group " 30 Seconds to Mars " , a lovely singer and guitarist. Sensual and rhythmic, and most importantly, thought-provoking songs came out in his albums. Jared amazes me that the group was created by him and his brother Shannon from scratch. They had no money, patronage and celebrities, only the desire and talent. Now 30stm - one of the most popular rock bands, but Jared did not give glory and not become conceited or arrogant. He was always laughing and smiling, is not afraid of criticism and society. We - Echelon, we are - family, and Jared, Shannon and Tomo - our Fathers !
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