1. Выполните грамматический тест

1. Normally the entrance
examinations … in July.

a) began b) begun c) begins d) begin

2. The visiting delegation … by the president at the airport yesterday.

a) is met b) were
met c) will be met d) was met

3. Make sure that your mobile phone … during important meeting.

a) is switched off b) swithes off c) is switching off d) will switch off

4. We … waiting for you four hours yesterday in the evening.

a) are b) will
be c) were d) had to

5. My mother works hard, … she?

a) didn’t b)
doesn’t c) won’t d) isn’t

6. Look outside. It … raining; the pavement’s still wet.

a) have been b) will be c) has been d) is

7. We usually … our products into many markets.

a) are selling b) sold c) sells d) sell

8. The wind … hard at the moment.

a) was blowing b) blows c) is blowing d) will be

9. Don’t worry. You …find a job in a week.

a) will b)
didn’t c) are d) were

10. I … golf recently.

a) have been playing b) has been playing c)
plays d) play

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