Нужно проверить готовый текст на счет соблюдения времен и прочего.

One day my mother and I went to another city. Settled in a nice hotel, but after a while us on the day of the technical works have moved to another room. There was a lot worse, but it was for a short time.
When we settled in the room, and my mother went to the kitchen, I wanted to read. But suddenly I heard a small rustling. It was a little mouse.
- Mom! 'I called. Here the mouse!
- Call at the reception and tell about it. You know English.
I did just that.
- Hello
- Hello, can I help you?
- You know "Tom and Jerry"
- Uh... Yes. - after a short pause she said.
- Jerry here.
A little later we were moved back to our room, but this story was remembered to us for a long time.


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