Помогите помогите сегодня срочно !!!!!!!!!!!!
СПС заранее

боже ты сама чтоль не можешь ввести текст в переводчик? бред уже такое запрашивать

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He visited so many countries, he had so many adventures! he learned the magical power of words. " tiny" less than " small ". you can do it in this work? the content of the story was difficult, and the children didn't understand him. many children in our class read avidly" . the Mary was charming smile . an evil sorceress has bewitched the young Prince, but the charm was broken when he kissed the Princess. Jimmy gave my sister a chocolate candy, and she immediately stuck it in his mouth. I lost my diary. we are looking for friends everywhere . the task of the Moscow University it looks very impressive . when Nina said that penguins live at the North pole , all in the class sat wide-eyed surprise from eyes! what an extraordinary child! he reads the book in the day, he just swallows books. what is in this bottle? milk is on the table in the morning, I think it is spoiled.