4. Поставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму.

These engineers work at the Ministry of Foreign Trade. He has got a good job. She has breakfast early in the morning. Jane goes to the Institute every day. There are cables and telexes on the desk.

a. Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий текст.

Письменно переведите 1-3, 6 и 7 абзацы текста.

L o n d o n

1Londonis the capital ofGreat Britain. It lies in the South East of England on both banks of the riverThames.Londonis one of the largest cities in the largest port and industrial centre inEngland.Londonis more than twenty centuries old.

2 The heart of the capital is the City. The territory of the City is only about one square mile, but it is the financial and business centre of the country. It contains almost all important English banks and offices.

3 The West Endof Londonis famous for its beautiful monuments and palaces, fine parks, fashionable shops and big hotels. The East Endis quite different from the West End. It is the district of factories, plants and docks. The narrow streets and poor houses of the East Endpresent a contrast to the homes of the rich people in the West End.

4 There are many places of interest inLondon. One of them isTrafalgar Squarewith the Nelson monument 185 feet high. Buckingham palace is the royal residence. Westminister Abbey is one of the most citizens ofBritain.

5 Across the road from Westminister Abbey are the Houses of Parliament, the seat of the British goverment.

6 The Tower ofLondonis one of the most interesting places inLondon. It was a fortress, a royal residence, a prison, now it is a museum.

7Londonis famous for its green parks.Hyde Parkis the most popular of them. It is the greatest park inLondonas well.

8 Londonis the centre of the country’s cultural life. There are many picture galleries and museums in the capital. The National Gallery houses a priceless collection of paintings. The famous British museum is one of the best museums in the world.

6. Задайте специальные вопросы к подчеркнутым в тексте словам (6 вопросов).

7. Задайте один альтернативный и один расчлененный вопрос к следующим предложениям текста (4 вопроса).

Образец:Londonis the capital ofGreat Britain.

А) Is London the capital of Great Britain or France?

Б) London is the capital of Great Britain, isn’t it?

1 There are many place of interest inLondon.

2Londoncontains the memorials of many famous people.

8. Выпишите из текста прилагательные в превосходной степени со словами, к которым они относятся. 9. Укажите, к какой части речи относятся слова каждой из данных ниже колонок. Подчеркните встречающиеся в них суффиксы и дайте исходные формы этих слов:














10. Укажите, как соотносятся слова houses в 3-м и 5-м абзацах со словом houses в 8-м абзаце текста.

11. На основании следующих вопросов составьте рассказ о себе.

1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. Are you married or single? 4. Do you live with your parents? 5. Have you got children? 6. What’s your job? 7. How long does it take you to get to your work? 8. When do you begin your work? 9. Who is the head of your office? 10. What do you do during your working hours? 11. Does your office receive a lot of letters, cables and telexes? 12. Who sends answers to these letters and cables? 13. Do you receive foreign businessmen at your office?

12. Составьте диалог по аналогии со следующим ниже.


Hallo. Is that Machinoexport?


Yes, it is


This is Jones speaking. I’d like to speak to Mr Somov.Is he in now?


Yes. Just a moment, please.


How do you do, Mr.Jones.


How do you do, Mr.Somov. I’d like to meet you and discuss our enquiry for boilers.


Very good. Come and see us tomorrow morning, please.


Ответы и объяснения

Do these engineers work at the Ministry of Foreign Trade? Has he  got a good job? What does she have  early in the morning? Does Jane go to the Institute every day? There are cables and telexes on the desk, aren't they?