1. My sister said that she had not got a watch. 2. The teacher told his students that he was pleased with their work. 3. I told him that I had not seen his brother for a long time. 4. I told my mother that Henry was studying medicine at the university. 5. She told the grocer that he did not want any sugar. 6. We told the teacher that we did not understand his questions. 7. I told the taxi - driver that he was driving too fast. 8. He said that her children were playing in the garden.перевести из прямом речи в косвенную
Jack told his father, "I hope to pass the examination". 2. Henry said to me, "The teacher is listening to us". 3. Bob said to Tom, "I made no mistakes in the last dictation". 4. I told the policeman, "I saw the thief in the garden". 5. He said, "I have not read many English books". 6. Jack's father said to him, "You have not cleaned your shoes". 7. Mary said, "I do not want to wear my old dress". 8. My mother said to me, "I feel very tired and I have a headache". 9.My friend told me, "We have plenty of time to do our work". 10. I said to my sister, "I haven`t seen my uncle for a long time"

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1. My sister said: "I didn't get a watch".
2. The teacher said to his students: "I am pleased of your work".
3. I told him: "I haven't seen my brother for a long time".
4. I told my mother: "Henry is studying medicine at the university".
5. "You don't want any sugar", — she told the grocer.
6. We told the teacher: "We don't understand your questions".
7. I told the taxi-driver: "You're driving too fast".
8. "My children are playing in the garden", — he said.
1. Jack told his father that he hoped to pass the examination.
2. Henry said to me that the teacher was listening to us.
3. Bob said to Tom that he had made no mistakes in the last dictation.
4. I told the policeman I had seen the thief in the garden.
5. He said he hadn't read many English books.
6. Jack's father said to him that he hadn't cleaned his shoes.
7. Mary said she didn't want to wear her old dress.
8. My mother said to me that she felt very tired and had a headache.
9. My friend told me that we had a plenty of time to do our work.
10. I said to my sister that I hadn't seen my uncle for a long time.