Надо рассказ на английском про то как я провеле выходные на пикнеке. по плану

1 типо как доеххали

2 палатку разложили развели костер

3ночью лил дождь

4 камары покуласи

5 палатка из за ветра улетела

6 дома

Плиз хотя бы на русском


Ответы и объяснения

we went into the forest, weather was clear there were no signs of rain or грозы.Как we arrived we immediately spread out the tent and built a fire, we talked a long time almost to the night . At night there was heavy rain we hid in the tent but forgot to close it until the end of mosquitoes flew. they have strongly bitten just the rain and we ran out of the tent . but the wind blowed and a tent carried we found her in the bushes laid her and went home so we spent 1 day picnic