Choose the correct form of the verb.
1. I'm speaking/I speak / I'm speak С three languages: French, Spanish, and English.
2. A) Where does Hans come /Hans come / is Hans coming from? В)He's Swiss. He comes from I Zurich.
3. A) What you do / do you do /
are you doing tonight? В) I'm going out.
4. A)Were's George? B) He has / s having / have a shower.
5. A)What means this word/does mean this word/ does this word mean?
B)I don't know. Look it up.
6 A) Do you want a cigarette? В) No, thanks. I don't smoke/ no smoke / smoke not.
7. Last year I went/go/ was go to America on holiday.
8 .How long you stay /did you stay / stayed you in America?
9 .The weekend was boring. I no do / didn't / didn't do anything.
10. A) I'm going to university next year. В) What are you going to /you going to/do you study?


Ответы и объяснения

1) I speak
2)Where is Hans
3)What are you doing
4) He's having a shower
5)What does this word mean
6)I dont smoke
7)I went
8)did you stay
9)i didn't do
10) what are you going to study