Ex 22 Answer the following questions, using the
continuous tense forms (Present, Past or Future).

1. What is the weather like? (rain a little). 2. Why didn't you go to
the country yesterday? (rain). 3.
What will the weather be like tomorrow? (the
radio, give the weather forecast in a few minutes). 4. Why did the
militia-man stop him? (walk across the
street in the wrong place). 5. Why don't you want to go to the cinema
tonight? (finish a book which I must give
back tomorrow). 6. Where is Mother? (work
in the garden). 7. Why didn't he hear the bell? (play football). 8. Why can't we speak to him now? (write business letters). 9. What is the
noise about? (watch a football match).
10. Why do you think you won't get much sleep tonight? (travel all night). 11. Will you come to the party? (not move to a new flat).

Ex 23 Practise the following according to the model
(mind the possible adverbial modifiers of time: 'now', 'today', 'this morning',
'tonight', etc).

Model 1:
She usually reads the newspaper at breakfast
but she is not reading it today. She is busy with other things.

1. They often watch TV in the evening. 2. He always
works in the garden after office hours. 3. He usually plays chess very well. 4.
He goes to the library every day. 5. She always leaves town in summer. 6. She
always sleeps after lunch.

Model 2: Please tell John it's time to finish
the work. But he is (already)

finishing it.

1. Tell the children it's time to get up. 2.
Please, tell her to wash the floor. 3. May I ask you to translate this article?
4. Please, ask him to look through her report. 5. Please, tell her to make some
coffee. 6. Tell them it's time to leave for the station.


Ответы и объяснения

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1)it's raining a little.
2) it was raining
3) the radio will be giving...
4)he was walking...
5)i'm finnishing.../i will be finishing..
6)she is working..
7) he was playing..
8)he is writting..
9)somebody is watching...
10)I/we will be travelling...
11)no,we are moving.../no,we will be moving...

1) but they are not watchig tv this evening. they are in the cinema.
2) but he is not working in the garden today, beacause he has a lot of work.
3) but he is not
 playing chess very well now. he broke up with gis girlfriend and so he can not concentrate
4) but he is not goin to the library today. he was invited to the birthday party
5) but she is not sleepping after lunch this day. she is playing with her sister.

1) but the children are already getting up.
2)but she is alreary 
washing the floor.
3)but i am alreary translating this article.
4)but he is already looking through her report.
5)but she is already making some coffe.
6)but they are already leaving for thr station