Ex 25 Translate the following sentences, using
either the Present Indefinite Tense or the Present Continuous according to the

1. (i) Ты
много читаешь? (ii) Что ты читаешь? 2. (i) Здесь
часто идет дождь? (ii) По-моему, идет дождь. 3. (i) Он
пишет родителям довольно часто, (ii) Он занят. Он что-то пишет. 4. (i) Он не
носит теплого пальто зимой, (ii) Он сегодня в новом пальто. 5. (i) Ребенок
просыпается несколько раз за ночь. (ii) Не шумите. Ребенок
просыпается. 6. (i) Они часто обсуждают такие проблемы, (ii) Они
обсуждают что-то интересное. 7. (i) Погода в Англии меняется очень часто, (ii)
Возьми плащ. Погода меняется.

use Reported Speech in the following sentences. Пример выполнения в приложении на фото.

1. "Don't wait for me. I'll be dining
out," he said. 2. "The weather is changing for the worse," the
guide said. "It will be raining in a minute." 3. "Our office
will be moving to a new building, won't it?" the secretary asked. 4.
"All the passengers were looking out of the compartment window when the
train was passing the lake," the porter said. 5. "What big cities
shall we be passing?" the fellow-traveller asked me. 6. Hurry uр. The train will be starting
in a minute," I shouted after him. 7. "What were they broadcasting
when he turned on the radio?" she asked. 8. "The baby is waking up,
quiet," Mother said to me. 9. "She was wearing a new dress at the
party and looked very beautiful," he said.


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1. Do you read a lot?  What are you reading? What 2. Does it often rain here? . It looks like it is raining. 3.He writes to his parents quite often. He is busy. He is writing something. 4. He doesn't wear a warm coat in (the) winter. He is wearing a warm coat today. 5. The baby wakes up several times during the night. Don't be noisy. The baby keeps waking up. 6. They often discuss such problems..They are discussing something interesting.  7.  The weather in England changes quite often.(ii)
Take the raincoat. The weather is changing.

1.He told me not to wait for him because he was dinng out.
2. The
guide said that the weather wais changing for the worse and added that it would be raining in a minute.
3. The secretary wanted to know if their
office would be moving to a new building.
The porter said that all the passengers were looking (had been looking) out of the compartment window when the train was passing (had been passing) the lake.
5. The fellow-traveller asked me
what big cities we should be passing.
6. I shouted after him that he had to hurry as
the train would be starting in a minute.
She wanted to know what they were broadcasting (had been broadcasting) when he (had) turned on the radio.
8. Mother told me to be quiet as the
baby was waking up.
He said that she was (had been) wearing a new dress at the party and (had) looked very beautiful.